About the Journal

The Journal's aim is to: 

provide a space for both theoretical and practical development of business management, innovation development and entrepreneurship in in the era of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). The 4IR assumes the interconnectivity and blurring of boundaries between systems, new forms of work and value creation, changes in human lifestyle, and digitization that become significantly unexplored by academia. Journal accepts multidisciplinary papers that substantially extend our understanding of human and post-human organizations facing: 

  • technological changes, 
  • structural changes,
  • suprateritoriality, 
  • share and ghost economy, 
  • open source society, 
  • VUCA, 
  • new business models, 
  • virtual environment.

Journal is open to theoretical papers, systematic literature reviews, case studies, research based on qualitative, quantitative and experimental method that follow a rigorous discipline. We accept papers contributing to both theory and practice.